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Why do people donate blood?

In the study of economics, a person is represented as being a rational individual, making choices that will benefit himself. The Library of Economics (which, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites) calls this person the “Economic Man” and describes him as always looking out for himself: He does not give […]

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Secondary Consequences

One of the first things I learned in my intro economics class was that good intentions do not always equal good outcomes. I found this idea fascinating, especially when my professor presented an example of how some safety regulations can actually result in the deaths of more people than it saves. Take the recent example […]

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Hello there!

Welcome to Rational Reactor! I’m Allison, and I am training to become an economics master. I have just completed my freshman year at Florida State University and am planning to major in economics, possibly with a double major of finance. To be honest, I do not know much about economics… yet. Sure, I watch the […]

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