Learn all the things!

Today, I decided to delve into the world of MOOCs (Not to be confused with MOOP.) Massive Open Online Courses are part of a large-scale learning platform where classes are offered freely to anyone via the internet. Many major colleges are offering classes in a variety of subjects, some offering certification in the subject upon completion.

I became aware of MOOCs a few years ago, when I was a full-time student with an already-full schedule. Now, as a recent graduate with some more free time on my hands, this is a wonderful opportunity of which I can finally take advantage. I’m currently considering an Asset Pricing class offered by The University of Chicago, but it’s so difficult to decide what to enroll in first! I’ve found interesting class subjects ranging from classical song composition to computer programming.

It just amazes me how much knowledge is available right at my fingertips. Seems pretty economical to me to learn all the things!

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    1. Very true. I just checked out Codeacademy and it looks awesome! Working at my own speed for learning something like coding might be even better. (Now to figure out which language to delve into first…)

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