Hello there!

Welcome to Rational Reactor! I’m Allison, and I am training to become an economics master. I have just completed my freshman year at Florida State University and am planning to major in economics, possibly with a double major of finance.

To be honest, I do not know much about economics… yet. Sure, I watch the news and try to follow what’s going on in the world, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past year in my intro classes, it’s that economists look at the world differently than the average person; they view the world rationally, carefully weighing costs and benefits. It’s something I find fascinating and definitely something that has drawn me to this subject.

With this blog, I hope to not only reflect upon things I am learning in class and current events going on in the world, but use it to keep track of my journey as I gain a new perspective on the world.

Economics is everywhere, so join me as I embark on this journey to become the Rational Reactor.

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